Advertising sun sails

An advertising sun hsail is an interesting alternative to umbrellas, but due to the specifics of its installation, it can only be used in a suitable space. Attach the sail to trees or building elements and determine the height and angle of the sail according to your needs. The huge surface of the sail will cover the chosen event space, protecting it from excessive sun and light rainfall. Graphics placed on it will be visible from a distance and will certainly be recognized by customers as an original form of advertising

Tape-reinforced canopy

Perfect advertising print

Different types of fabric

Resistance to wind gusts up to 50km/h

See your sun sail

Wondering how sun sail with your logo might look like?
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Advertising sun sails with print

Strong guy ropes
guarantee the stability of the sail even with wind gusts of up to 50 km/h
Reinforced canopy
along all sides of the sail we sew in a webbing tape
3 size versions
you can choose one size or combine several versions to cover your chosen space
2 types of fabrics to choose from
you can choose a sun sail made of waterproof polyester or flag fabric
Wear-resistant graphics
with clearly saturated colours, UV-resistant
Easy sun sail transport
full mobility thanks to dedicated transport bag

model 4 m 5 m 6 m
surface 6,93 m² 10,83 m² 15,59 m²
weight (polyester 200 g) 1,6 kg 2,5 kg 3,6 kg
weight (flag fabric) 0,8 kg 1,2 kg 1,7 kg

Fabrics and prints

Polyester 240 g/m2

Order your cover in any colour or choose a colour from the palette of 20 colours below. The originally dyed fabrics have the same colour on both sides and the prints are applied to their surface by screen printing. If you would like your cover to have a different colour, we can make it for you using digital printing.

Digital printing is done by sublimation or resin printing on white polyester. The unprinted side of the cover will remain white. The 240 g/m2 fabric is double-impregnated, which means that the coating of this polyester protects against leaks during the rain.

Polyester FR 275 g/m2.

The flame-retardant version of the covers is manufactured from 275 g/m2 polyester. The properties of this fabric meet the requirements of EN ISO 6940 and 6941 and DIN4102-B1. The fire-retardant polyester is impregnated twice, which protects the covers against leaks. The fabric is originally white, but can be digitally printed in any colour and with any print. The unprinted side of the cover will remain white.

This fabric can be sublimated or screen printed.

Flag knit fabric 95 g/m2

The flag knit has a weight of 95 g/m2, which makes it possible to flutter freely in the wind. The fabric is originally white, but using the digital printing method, we can apply any colour to its surface. In the case of products with double-sided printing, a special blocker is placed between the layers of the fabrics to prevent the print from showing through.

We print on the knit fabric using the sublimation printing method.

Flag knit fabric FR 105 g/m2.

Flag knit fabric with a weight of 105 g/m2 does not spread fire, and its properties are confirmed by compliance with the requirements of EN ISO 6940 and 6941 and DIN 4102-B1 standards. This type of knitted flag fabric is available in white and, as with the thinner version, thanks to digital printing we can create any colour.

We print on the flag knit fabric using the sublimation printing method.

dark gray
fluor. orange
dark red
light blue
storm blue
light green
dark green
Read more about printing methods here - download the printing guide