How to order

In MITKO we make every effort to complete your orders on time. We will be able to prepare an offer as soon as possible if you, before sending us an inquiry, ask yourself a few questions that we most often do when talking to our customers.

What kind of event will you attend and when will it take place?

Depending on whether you take part in rallies, advertising trade fair or simply need a portable trading point, we will choose for you the most adequate and popular in a given branch of industry advertising media.


How large is the surface on which you will use our media?

Determination of the surface will allow us to choose the right size of tents and event accessories.


How many times a year will you use the bought media?

Depending on how often you will use our advertising media we will offer you either reinforced Premium solutions or media from the economical Classic line.


Do you have ready files or ready graphics for your stand?

The order processing is smoother if you have your own graphic files. When talking to our consultants you will learn about acceptable file extensions. Read more about accepted files here.


How many sidewalls should have your canopy tent?

The canopy can be bought with any number of sidewalls. Therefore it is important for you to know how many sidewalls you need for your stand. When talking to our consultants you will learn about individual components of a canopy tent.


How many people will put up the tent?

Depending on how many people will assembly your stand we will offer you either small or big sizes of tents. The latter requires greater number of persons to assembly the tent because of its weight and dimensions.


How will be the advertising media transported?

This issue should be thought over at the very beginning because it may turn out that the size of the tent you are interested in is too big and it simply will not fit into your car.


Is the surface, on which the media will be set up, grass or concrete?

The answer to this question will help us choose accessories for your advertising media. Type of the surface determines the manner of protecting the tent against wind gusts with guy ropes or weights which make additional equipment. Type of the ground is also crucial for selecting appropriate tent models. Depending on your needs, we can choose either a reinforced Premium canopy or an economical Classic one with a narrower leg profile.

Please answer the below questions. This will help us prepare an offer and accelerate the process of order delivery.