Promotional barrier

Advertising barriers are an essential part of all sports competitions, concerts and other big/major events. They separate the service part from the event zone, and during sports competitions they set the route of the run or space for the organizers and participants. The extensions combined with the main structure enable modular connection of advertising barriers, and their mobility allows you to change the setting of the fences even during the event.
Lightweight aluminum frame

Lightweight aluminum frame

Easy and quick assembly

Easy and quick assembly

Small transport dimensions

Small transport dimensions

Perfect banner tension

Perfect banner tension

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Mobile frame of advertising barriers

Aluminum frame
makes the barrier durable, light and non-corrosive at the same time
Divided horizontal bar
reduces the transport size of the barrier to 110 cm
Stable base
for use on both hard and soft ground
Easily removable banner
you can quickly remove it to clean or change it
Lead weight tape sewn into a polyester fabric
guarantees the correct tension while the fabric hangs freely
Wear-resistant graphics
with clearly saturated colours, UV-resistant

Main structure Extension
Banner dimensions: 194 x 95 cm 194 x 95 cm
Barrier height (without base): 100 cm 100 cm
Barrier Length: 200 cm 200 cm
Length of the longest part: 110 cm 110 cm
Number of legs with base: 2 1
Number of horizontal bars: 1 1
Barrier weight with one-sided printed banner: 6,4 kg 4,3 kg
Barrier weight with double sided printed banner: 7,8 kg 6,2 kg
Dimensions of frame and banner transport bag: 110 x 18 x 18 cm 110 x 18 x 18 cm
Dimensions of tripod base transport bag: 40 x 40 x 8 cm 40 x 40 x 8 cm

Fabrics and prints

Polyester 200 g/m2

We can produce the polyester cover of 200 g/m2 polyester for you in any colour. The fabric is originally white, but can be digitally printed over the entire surface. The unprinted side will remain white. This fabric has a single layer of waterproofing to prevent it from leaking.

On 200 g/m2 polyester, prints are applied by sublimation or screen printing.


PVC 440 g/m2.

The 440 g/m2 PVC banner has a layer of laminate, which increases its resistance to external conditions and mechanical damage. The initial colour of the banner is white, but we can print its surface in any colour you choose. The PVC substrate is printed using the solvent or resin printing method.

digital-surface print
Read more about printing methods here - download the printing guide