Poradnik zadruku

Poradnik zadruku to dokument, w którym znajdziesz wszystkie informacje dotyczące stosowanych w naszej drukarni technologii druku. Porównasz ich parametry, dowiesz się, na jakim podłożu są stosowane, a także porównasz nasycenie kolorów, rozdzielczość zdjęć oraz czytelność tekstu na próbkach druku wykonanych w poszczególnych technologiach.

Technologie druku stosowane w MITKO:
- sublimacja;
- sitodruk;
- solwent z laminacją;
- druk żywiczny;
- druk UV.

Pobierz poradnik zadruku [PDF]

Accepted files


Our company is prepared for different types of files. We prefer Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator files (*.cdr, *.ai) or Photoshop or similar (*.psd, *.tiff or *.jpg) files. We also accept PDFs.

Production files should be prepared as follows:

- the text should be curved,
- colors in the project in the CMYK palette,
- the outline of objects should scale with graphics so that it does not bold or slim down during scaling,
- all bitmaps should have at least 100 dpi in a 1:1 scale

In exceptional cases, we may ask you for a different file format or to provide us with other files (each element separately: background, logo, etc.), of which the graphics are composed.

Projects are accepted by the annex. This is a small PDF or JPG file that shows how to place graphics on a product. An appendix is sent to you shortly after the project is prepared. Its acceptance is equivalent to the completion of the design work. If you need more information, ​contact us​.



Project colors displayed on the monitor or printed with a desktop printer do not reflect actual colors. Print files should be saved in the CMYK palette. If you use colors from the Pantone or RGB palette, they will be converted to their closest CMYK colors. Use of the RGB color palette carries the risk of inaccurate color reproduction on the products.

In the case of complex graphic designs, a sample A4 printout is available on request. However, this is connected with a few days extension of the order completion date. ​The proof is the basis for a complaint related to color reproduction.


Clear rules

Materials provided by the customer remain the property of our company and are not subject to archiving. Our company is not responsible for the content, quality of the prepared files and the spelling or color errors contained therein. It is the customer's responsibility to check the files and deliver them in a flawless form. Any tampering with the files associated with their improper preparation will involve additional fees at the hourly rate of work of the graphic designer, of which we will notify before the fact in writing.

In the case of need to adjust the color to the sample printouts provided by the customer, the print sample cost will be added to the invoice value. In this case, a proof print is a print that calibrates the CMYK values according to the color pattern sent by the customer. Failure to deliver a color pattern to the order results in a printout of the file provided by the customer. The printing house is not responsible for the reproduction of the printed color.

Our company is not liable or responsible for production delays resulting from changes made by the customer upon acceptance of the order. Any changes made by phone must also be reported in writing.

The customer will be obliged to exclude our company from any possible third party claims for infringement or responsibility for content contained in printed matter. The customer agrees to use the products made by our company in advertising materials and as samples of the technical capabilities of our printing house.

Any complaints about the quality of products should be submitted in writing within a maximum of 14 working days of receipt. In this case, the customer is obliged to deliver the advertised product to the printing house.