The chillzone is a must have during events. And where there is a chillzone, that's where promotional bean bags are essential. Use the entire surface of the seats and put interesting graphics on their cover. Advertising bean bags also successfully equip office spaces: waiting rooms, showrooms and customer service offices. In our offer you will find bean bags, cubes, Kiddy bean bags and Origami cubes, which you can also use as a box or a table.

Different types of seats

Easy cleaning of the cover

Advertising and functionality

Excellent print quality

See your bean bag or cube

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Comfortable advertising bean bags

Durable seat cover
choice of polyester or PVC cover
Reinforced bottom of the bean bag
protects against mechanical damage
Comfortable filling
ensures high comfort of use
Easily removable cover
you can quickly remove them to clean or change to another
Large advertising space
you can place promotional graphics on each surface of the seating
Wear-resistant graphics
with clearly saturated colours, UV-resistant

model size weight granulate regranulere
Beanbag S 75 × 105 cm 3,2 kg
Beanbag M 85 × 105 cm 4 kg
Beanbag L 100 × 95 cm 6 kg
Beanbag XL 150 × 115 × 50 cm 8 kg
Chair Circle 85 × 105 cm 3,8 kg
Chair Square 60 × 85 × 105 cm 3,8 kg

Fabrics and prints

Polyester 200 g/m2

We can produce the polyester cover of 200 g/m2 polyester for you in any colour. The fabric is originally white, but can be digitally printed over the entire surface. The unprinted side will remain white. This fabric has a single layer of waterproofing to prevent it from leaking.

On 200 g/m2 polyester, prints are applied by sublimation or screen printing.

Eco leather 460 g/m2

We can make a cover made of eco leather in any colour of your choice. Eco leather is a knit fabric coated with PVC and PU. PU gives the fabric the texture of leather, while PVC makes it waterproof and highly resistant to mechanical damage.

We print on eco leather using the UV- and resin printing method, without lamination.

Read more about printing methods here - download the printing guide