Advertising pyramids are a mobile advertising medium. Thanks to their foldable design, they can be easily transported and stored. The pyramid walls are made of lightweight HDF board covered with durable impregnated polyester fabric. These features make the pyramids the ideal promotional equipment for both small and large events. Their stability has also been ensured by sewing a half-ring with tape to one side, allowing the pyramid to be fixed to the ground.

Easy transport

Fast assembly

Double-sided printing

Excellent print quality


The pyramid can be folded both ways. This means that you can place two different images on its fabric and, depending on your needs, fold it to present a different advertising message. Take advantage of the original shape of the pyramid and place an interesting graphic on each side. It can be a coherent composition or quite the opposite: one wall, one advertising message. Whatever you choose, we will prepare the design and produce the pyramid to your liking. Take it with you to every event and present your brand wherever you go.


Wondering what a Pyramid with your logo could look like? Request a free sample design.


Foldable design
easy transport and storage
Fast assembly
joining of walls by magnets sewn into the edges
by a half-ring sewn into one of the lower sides
Original advertising message
using 3 sides of the pyramid you can design interesting graphics
Double-sided printing
each side of the pyramid can be printed with a different graphic
Wear-resistant graphics
with clearly saturated colors, resistant to UV radiation

Technical Details

Dimensions when set up 61 x 30 x 69 cm
transport dimensions 62 x 71x 3 cm
weight 1,9 kg

Fabrics and prints

Polyester 240 g/m2

Order your cover in any colour or choose a colour from the palette of 20 colours below. The originally dyed fabrics have the same colour on both sides and the prints are applied to their surface by screen printing. If you would like your cover to have a different colour, we can make it for you using digital printing.

Digital printing is done by sublimation or resin printing on white polyester. The unprinted side of the cover will remain white. The 240 g/m2 fabric is double-impregnated, which means that the coating of this polyester protects against leaks during the rain.

Read more about printing methods here - download the printing guide