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Funeral Houses


The setting of the funeral ceremony is extremely important, and its safe course is ensured by MITKO funeral tents, which protect against adverse weather conditions and enhance the aesthetic values of the ceremony. They present the funeral home in a professional way.

MITKO funeral tents secure the funeral ceremonies for more than
700 funeral homes in Poland.

Funeral tents MITKO
Lifetime service guarantee

Lifetime service guarantee

 Possibility of gold and silver prints

Possibility of gold and silver prints

 Wind resistance up to 100 km / h

Wind resistance up to 100 km / h

 Leg height adjustment

Leg height adjustment


Namioty ekspresowe MITKO Octa Pro LED

Octa Pro LED:
Innovative system for prestigious ceremonies.

Namioty ekspresowe MITKO Octa Pro

Octa Pro:
For frequent and intensive use.

Namioty ekspresowe Mitkotent Premium

Premium Mitkotent:
For standard use.

Namioty ekspresowe Mitkotent Classic

Canopies over the urn:
Designed for the funeral sector.

Octa Go

Octa Go
Light tent frames.

Octa Optima

Octa Optima
The most popular sizes

See your funeral tent

Wondering what a tent with your company logo could look like? Order a free and noncommittal tent design.


Octa Pro LED Octa Pro Mitkotent Premium Canopies over the urn Octa GoOcta Optima
Available sizes 3 x 3 m, 3 x 4,5 m 3 x 3 m, 3 x 4,5 m 3 x 3 m, 3 x 4,5 m 1,5 x 1,5 m 1,5 x 1,5 m, 3 x 3 m, 3 x 4,5 m 3 x 3 m, 3 x 4,5 m
Leg profile
∅ 50 mm

∅ 50 mm

40 × 40 mm

30 x 30 mm

∅ 40 mm

∅ 45 mm
Height can be raised by 30cm
Aluminum frame
Aluminum connectors
Water resistant and UV resistant
Roof corner reinforcement
resistance to wind gusts up to 100 km/h
(using a safety kit or weights)
Rack warranty 5 years 5 years 5 years 3 years 3 years 4 years


Create a funeral tent to suit your needs

Transport Bag COMFORT
Protects the roof and frame during transport. Its dimensions allow to transport a folded structure with canopy.
Comfort transport bag with built-in wheels
Stand for dispenser
Automatic dispenser
Cast iron weights
Mounted on the tent foot for better stability in adverse weather conditions.
Wireless LED lighting
It provides comfortable lighting for the ceremony in tents without integrated LED lighting.

MITKO funeral tents offer easy and quick assembly, compact transport and high quality design. The funeral tent can be set up by two people, the frame can be assembled in 60 seconds and the tent with its canopy in just a few minutes.

Stability of the frame, adjustment of the height of individual legs to uneven ground, water resistance, personalized printing with a choice of gold or silver colour and lifetime warranty service, or small transport dimensions enabling the transport of funeral tents by car - all of these features provide a comfortable use on all surfaces, regardless of weather conditions during the funeral ceremony.