Jehlan and Dome - large tents that meet high requirements

Jehlan and Dome - large tents that meet high requirements

Jehlan and Dome are tents that attract attention during outdoor events with their size and original shape.

Jehlan star tents and Dome dome tents are two different shapes and two different spaces they create under their roof. What do they have in common? Easy to install and safe to use.

Jehlan and Dome – safety first!
We produce stable, durable and safe tents for event participants. The safety of our tents is confirmed by statistical tests. Additionally, the polyester version of the tent covering can be made of flame-retardant fabric.

Jehlan in a new, flame-retardant version
There is a risk of fire spreading during events. We want to take even more care of your safety, so from this season, Jehlan tents are available in a version with a cover made of strong PVC-coated polyester fabric (weight approx. 330 g/m2) with a flame-retardant certificate. The flame-retardant covering is available in 5 colors.

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