Umbrella season - check out the best models!

Umbrella season - check out the best models!

Advertising umbrellas, catering umbrellas, umbrellas with prints - our customers call them differently, but their goals are exactly the same: covering the space and promoting the brand.

What size umbrella should I choose?
First, assess whether square or round umbrellas will be more comfortable, and then measure how much space the umbrella will cover. Based on this, choose the right umbrella size. The most popular sizes include round umbrellas with a diameter of 3 and 4 m and square umbrellas in size 3.5 x 3.5 m. Our customers also willingly choose 4-arm Toledo umbrellas in size 2 x 2 and Valencia umbrellas in size 3 x 3.

Even more practicality!
By choosing umbrellas with built-in LED lighting, you gain 100% practicality. Umbrellas will not only protect your guests against unfavorable weather conditions, but also illuminate the space under the umbrella. You only buy umbrellas and don't worry about lighting!

Need help choosing umbrellas?
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